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Cheer Up Club are a clash of millennial ADDepression and the joyful nihilism of 90’s college radio. Like a broken funhouse mirror, they reflect a cracked and distorted image of whatever’s put in front of them. Loud, sarcastic, and fun, Cheer Up Club embrace an “anything goes” approach to songs that playfully skate between the sweet, cynical, and sincere.

From a distance, it’s a familiar story: Ethan Goodman (Guitar/Vocals), Nathan Espinoza (Drums), Will Gardner (Bass), and Hannah Stone (Synth) are four school friends bonded over music. They play some shows, make a record, etc. A closer look reveals something more akin to a rollercoaster careening through love, loss, joy, depression, and immigration politics. The result is Get Physical, the debut album from Cheer Up Club.


Based in Los Angeles, Cheer Up Club balance buoyant melodies with angular, effected guitars and snide, left-field lyrics. Pummeling drums drive fluid bass grooves, while psychedelic synths create splashes of color across their sound. Combining the snarling, energetic hooks of Buzzcocks with the Californian ramblings of Pavement, Cheer Up Club moves fast and hits hard.


Shamelessly, Cheer Up Club challenges common decency while maneuvering modern topics like mental health, sex and sexuality, addiction, and the tacky glitz of Los Angeles social politics. They shine a harsh light on things too-often swept under the rug, acting as the ugly voice in the subconscious that most people prefer to keep hidden. In doing so, Cheer Up Club brings fresh perspectives to the current dialog.


Their debut album Get Physical is colorful and layered, revealing more with each listen. Live, Cheer Up Club brings a party-punk energy to the stage, complete with balloons and the occasional bout of crossdressing. Cheer Up Club promises a good time, at home in headphones and live at your local dive bar.

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